Our Church

Shalfleet Church lies at the heart of the village and has been the centre of village life for over a thousand years. Today we continue to care for our church and church yard, preserving it for future generations to enjoy. We have a wonderful team of volunteers who unlock the church in the morning and lock it up safely at night. Comments in our visitors’ book regularly comment on the joy of finding a beautiful medieval church open to the public, seven days a week, and we have our wonderful team of helpers to thank for this.

Keeping the church clean and decorated with flowers lies in the hands of another group from the village, and although it may not always be warm inside, it will always look neat and cared for. Keeping the churchyard trimĀ is also down to the care and attention of a small group of villagers who give up their time for nothing, simply so that we can all enjoy a peaceful walk in the shade of this venerable old building, as our ancestors have done for hundreds of years before us. The village hall is run by an amazing team of volunteers, managing the letting of the building, keeping it clean and maintained and organising events to raise money for the benefit of the church and the community. So today, as in the past, the villagers do what they can to look after the church and the church does what it can to look after the villagers. Many – probably most – of these people don’t come to church on Sundays, but they love the building and all it symbolises; they are the buttresses that keep the church standing and we are immensely grateful to them all.