After a delay of some 6 months or more, the annual meetings of the PCC, the Fabric Trust and the Village Hall committee took place at last on the evening of 29th October, by zoom. Our amazing secretary Prue came over to Ningwood with Chloe, and your IT guru/Churchwarden managed to make the system work on his computer; Prue took notes and Chloe made encouraging noises and checked our wine glasses were full.

We started with the annual meeting of the Fabric Trust. Rhod has been doing the most amazing work throughout the year, and on top of masterminding the Friends of Shalfleet Church working parties in the churchyard, saving us an absolute packet in grass cutting and maintenance fees, and managing the grant applications for the windows project, he has found time to run the accounts (on top of those for Yarmouth Sailing Club, the Almshouses, and no doubt many others). We are so grateful to Rhod and his team of amazing workers for all that they do.

Next we moved on to the wonderfully named Vestry Meeting, at which we elect or re-elect the Churchwardens and present the Electoral Roll. For many years now Shalfleet has tottered along with only one Churchwarden, but we are delighted to say that Henry Blacksell has agreed to join us so we now have two.

We then held the PCC meeting, at which we considered the report for the year ended December 2019 – not easy to remember that far back. Our thanks go to Steve Holden for his amazing work on producing the accounts for us, year after year, without a murmur. Our new independent examiner, Clare Gordon, commended him to me, saying she wished everyone could present their figures so clearly, so many thanks to Steve. We re-elected the PCC and said our farewells to those who have stepped down during the year after many, many years of devoted service: Pamela Rose, John Whitney and Shirley Still. Those now serving on the PCC are Nicholas Oulton, Henry Blacksell, Brian Mead, Steve Holden, Chloe Sutherland and Diana Chesterton. We are always looking for new faces on the team, so do please contact me if you are interested.

Finally we had the annual meeting of our amazing Hall Committee. Michael Beavis took us through the figures, which showed revenue up by nearly 12% and a surplus of £4,489 compared with a deficit the previous year. This was mainly due to increased bookings from our regular hirers, and another successful fete. Lights were installed in the Annexe and a couple of second hand marquees were bought, continuing the policy of upgrading the facilities of the Hall. The Hall Committee has been somewhat depleted during this difficult year, and our thanks go out to Brian, Michael and Catherine for their incredible work in keeping this wonderful resource going for the whole Parish.

The annual reports are available to view on the website here.

Thank you to everyone who works so hard to keep our ancient church standing, with its beautiful churchyard and Village Hall, and here’s to our next annual meeting in the Spring of 2021 taking place once more in the Hall, with a bottle or two of grog and some of Maureen’s delicious nibbles.