We were absolutely delighted to see so many of you back in church for Palm Sunday, and are hoping to see even more of you for Easter Sunday. The service will be at 11am and if you are hoping to attend, please fill in the short survey here to allow us to manage numbers.

We are of course continuing to be vigilant, and Rev Jackie has drawn our attention to this in the following words of wisdom:

‘There is much excitement across West Wight as churches open their doors once again in time for our Easter Celebration: a longing to be in a familiar place once again. However, while we are still in the pandemic churches are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of everyone taking part in public worship.
Some of us will still be shielding and choose to stay at home. For others, some information about the safeguarding measures we are taking will help them to decide whether to worship in the church building or worship in a different way.
Much of this is common sense but this is what to expect:
The church wardens will have closed off a number of pews to ensure that we keep to the 2m rule. Please do ensure that you maintain a 2-metre distance from people outside your household while on church grounds. Please don’t be offended if someone gently reminds you that you are too close, if in your excitement to see one another, you forget.
We are asking people to book their seat or pew with CW’s who will allocate a place for you. Please sanitize your hands as you arrive and check in with the COVID-19 app if you have one.
You will be led to your seat when you arrive, once seated please remain in your place unless you are involved in leading the worship.
During the service only the ‘choir ‘ are able to sing. Please do not join in how-ever tempting this may be.
If you are celebrating communion, the priest will sanitize their hands just before the prayer over the elements. There will be a one way system for receiving communion Our vergers will lead you, socially distanced, to where communion is being distributed, where the wafer will be dropped into your hand. The chalice will not be shared. Should there be any physical contact the priest will re-sanitize their hands before continuing.
After the final blessing, please remain in your seat until invited to leave by the verger and then make your way out of the building into what we hope will be glorious sunlight.
We are now able to gather in groups of six or two households, providing social distance is maintained. So there will be an opportunity to wish one another a Happy Easter once out of the church buildings.
Thank you for supporting our Church Wardens and Vergers in ensuring that this welcome relaxation in being able to gather does not result in rising infection rates.
Thank you