I hope all are well, and coping with this rather unpleasant virus situation. On top of the wet and grim weather we have been having, it does seem to be rather a case of one thing after another, but I’m sure the Dunkirk spirit will get us through.

We are coming up to the time when we publish our reports and accounts for the year that ended on 31 December, and a lot seems to have happened and a lot is still going on. Our annual meeting takes place in the Hall on Tuesday 14th April at 6pm, when the PCC, Fabric Trust and Village Hall committees will be presenting their accounts and giving an update on the year that has passed. Everyone is most welcome, and there will be refreshments and plenty of time to chat and catch up, assuming that we have not all been put in quarantine by then.

In the church, the main activity has centred on the work being carried out to repair four of the windows.

The team at Wight Stonemasonry and Southern Lights are doing an amazing job, and we very much look forward to getting things back to normal before too much longer.

In the churchyard, Rhod’s team of volunteers have been doing sterling work laying new gravel, trimming hedges and clearing brambles, and the plans to manage the field in front of the Hall as a traditional meadow are coming on well, although the biblical rainfall that we have been having has not helped.

Taking a breather

In the Hall, new lights in the annexe, another highly successful fete with a range of new games and attractions, and continued ongoing bookings are all evidence of the hard work put in by the committee. Particular note should go to our amazing Hilary who recently sailed through an unscheduled spot check from the food hygiene brigade during a Lunch club with flying colours, the inspector grumbling under his breath that the standards were simply excellent. Well, what would we expect?!

Talking of food, on Sunday 29th March we are holding a service in church for all 8 of the rural parishes in the West Wight, and this will be followed by a short presentation in the Hall by Linda and Steve Porter on their recent trip to Ghana, with a special Ghanaian meal for all to enjoy. Do join us for that.

We continue to work on keeping our lovely church and its buildings and grounds safe for this and future generations. We may be in another interregnum, but the flag is still flying and morale is high. Onwards and upwards!