What do you call a benefice of churchwardens? I have no idea, but there were an awful lot of them out and about with their rods of office last Sunday at the Licensing Service for Clive Todd and Leisa McGovern! And a fair few clergy too.

The service was lovely, and Maureen’s cakes were particularly well-received afterwards. And then on Tuesday it was great to see so many people turn out to welcome Clive and Leisa to Shalfleet. We held a very informal service, with cake and quite a bit of banter, to fit in with the lightning tour of 10 churches that Clive and Leisa had embarked on.

The flag was flying for St George’s Day, in those heady days of sunshine (which you may remember – seems a long time ago now!)

And now it’s back to planning for the repair work on the East window, for which we have at last received formal permission, and keeping the churchyard looking neat and tidy as the grass begins to grow.